The little product that

"Healthier food, superior taste, half the oil"


Industrial cooking oil is a vital product for thousands of commercial kitchens across the UK. When used regularly in large establishments, this oil has a relatively short life span and can be costly for the business.

FriPura created the scientifically-proven and patented FriPura filter, to help kitchens take control of oil consumption and get the best results from deep fat fryers. The small ceramic block sits in the bottom of your existing fryer - you don’t even need to change your equipment!

  • "They are fantastic and more than double the life of the oil. Would highly recommend!" - The Surprise

  • "I just want to thank you for introducing such a product which is so good that we are saving big chunk of money towards food cost." - Crowne Plaza London City
  • "I am more than happy to say that all feed back has been very positive in almost doubling the life of oil with in Geronimo pubs" - Director of Food, Geronimo Inns

  • "I reckon they at least double the life of the oil, very impressed with them." - The Coat and Badge

  • "Before our usage of vegetable oil per week was between 8 to 10 large tin, but now we dropped at 4. Is a great results, and a great saving for our Kitchen. Seeing the results I would definitely recommend." Crowne Plaza, London

  • Chips are coming out super crispy (fat ones especially) and we are on the same oil from Monday. Superb! - The Eagle

  • "They are simple to use which makes life easier when selling the product in to the chefs who then understand and actually get it quicker for wins all round." Director of Food, Geronimo Inns

  • "My personal feeling regarding the FriPura filter is absolutely amazing !my spent is gone down by 40% and that includes purchase of the filters." Hrvoje Loncarevic, Head Chef, Bannatyne Hotels Ltd, Hastings

  • "The Fripura Filter is simply brilliant. Our cooking oil life has been nearly doubled & our food is considerably healthier. We see real improvements in operating margins, food quality, and customer satisfaction." - The Three Bells

  • "We're very impressed with the oil filters we are saving one oil can a week at least - they should save us a great deal over the year." - The Coat and Badge

  • "Since i have started using the filters i have noticed the quality of the food coming out of the fryers are light in colour and crisp and it does not taste of burnt oil as it used to do ." Hrvoje Loncarevic, Head Chef, Bannatyne Hotels Ltd, Hastings

    "The filters have increased the life on our oil by 100% and made our product more sellable!" - Mortons Kitchen

  • "Since using the FriPura filters you only have to change the oil 4-5 times per month and this is heavy usage from battered products to breadcrumbed products etc." Hrvoje Loncarevic , Head Chef, Bannatyne Hotels Ltd, Hastings