"Healthier Food, Superior Taste, Half the Oil"

“My spend has gone down by 40% and that includes buying the filters.”
Hrvoje Loncarevic, Head Chef, Bannatyne Hotels Ltd, Hastings

“They’ve more than doubled the life of the oil.”
Executive Chef, The Surprise

“They have at least doubled the life of the oil. Very impressed with them.”
Head Chef, The Coat and Badge

These have been a great success and have received rave reviews from my senior chefs and Exec Chef team. The simple invention really does extend life but more importantly as a foodie it improves food quality.
On the back of this feedback and results we will be extending the use of the filters across the whole of the Metropolitan Pub Company estate.
Head of Food, Metropolitan Pub Company

“The filters have increased the life on our oil by 100% and made our product more sellable.”
Head Chef, Mortons Kitchen

“Before, we used 8-10 large tins of vegetable oil per week. Now we’ve dropped to 4. A great saving for our kitchen.”
Head Chef, Crowne Plaza, London

“They’re simple to use, which makes life easier when selling the product to the chefs who understand and get it quicker.”
Food Director, Geronimo Inns

“Chips are coming out super crispy (fat ones especially!). Superb!”
Head Chef, The Eagle

“We’re saving one oil can a week at least. FriPura should save us a great deal over the year.”
Head Chef, The Coat and Badge

“Our cooking oil life has been nearly doubled and our food is considerably healthier. We see real improvements in operating margins, food quality and customer satisfaction.”
Area Manager, The Three Bells


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