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How can FriPura work for a family pub restaurant?

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How can FriPura work for a national chain gastro pub?

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How can FriPura work for a high volume site?

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The problem with cooking oil is, it only lasts a matter of days.

When it’s spent, you change it. Again and again and again.

Change it too soon, you throw away good oil. Wait too long, your food quality suffers.

That costs money. That wastes time. That makes your customers unhappy.

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We made FriPura to solve that. Saves money. Twice the life. Half the cost.

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"Before, we used 8-10 large tins of vegetable oil per week. Now we've dropped to 4. A great saving for our kitchen."

Head Chef, Crowne Plaza, London

Crowne Plaza Hotels and Resorts

We see this as a no-brainer.

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