Caterers Product of Excellence Award

"Healthier Food, Superior Taste, Half the Oil"

Less oil changes.
More time cooking.

Change less.
Gain more.

Add to fryer. Pour in oil.

Doubles the life.
Halves the cost.

Backed by chefs.
Proven by science.

More time cooking.

Less oil changes
That was easy.

Less oil.
Less fat.
Less calories.

Less grease. More crisp.

Fact: for every FriPura filter you use you save on cooking oil.
Discover how here.

Fact: FriPura can cut your oil costs by up to 50%.

Fact: FriPura doubles the life of your oil.
No other filter does that

Fact: Cuts cancer-causing products by 11%.
(Campden BRI study, May 2014)

Fact: This one easy change could cut your oil costs by up to 50%.

Fact: Cuts up to 80% of toxins.

  • Block in filter bag in enclosed casing which sits at bottom of fryer
  • Doesn’t contaminate oil
  • New and unique. There’s nothing else like it on the market
  • Single use - disposable with general waste
  • Safe to install
  • Breaks down harmful acids in the oil

We see this as a no-brainer.

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