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How To Use

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The FriPura filter should be kept sealed in its packaging, preferably in a dry storage area, at all times prior to use. Use 1 filter per 10 litres of oil.

Once the packaging has been opened do not allow the filter to come into contact with steam or water.

Place the Fripura filter into the filter bag and fold down the open end before placing into the metal case.

Load each new filter into the custom FriPura metal case. Do not use the FriPura filter without the metal casing. Do not place the loaded case directly onto electric elements or gas burner upstands.

Close and place the loaded case into the fryer, prior to refilling with fresh oil. Either lay flat or stand on its narrowest width to ensure the casing holes are not covered.

Ensure the filter case is fully covered by cooking oil during use and that the holes in the case do not become blocked e.g. with food debris. During the first time of use the filter will bubble for a short time as the oil heats up. This is normal. The drawings above are indicative only. Fryers and placement of the FriPura filter and case will vary.

When the oil has reached the end of its life, remove the filter from the filter case and discard into standard waste. Do not wash or re-use the filter.

Wash and thoroughly dry the metal case for re-use.

The FriPura filter will operate across the full range of frying temperatures but the oil will last longer if frying takes place at lower temperatures.

A video of the FriPura filter process can be found here.

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How much Fripura will your fryer need?

Fryer Size Number Required
Up to 20 ltr 1 Fripura
20 - 29 ltrs 2 Fripura
30 - 39 ltrs 3 Fripura