Caterers Product of Excellence Award

"Healthier Food, Superior Taste, Half the Oil"


Fripura win The Caterer Product Excellence Award

Engineerng Update, January 2018

Caterer Product Excellence Award

FriPura, Hull based producers of a filter designed to reduce the calories and harmful chemicals produced in deep-fat frying processes, took the top spot in their category at The Caterer Product Excellence Awards.

FriPura calls for cleaner frying techniques in battle to beat obesity

Food Service Equipment Journal, September 2017

Food Service Equipment Journal

Hull-based FriPura has called for companies to adopt cleaner frying techniques to slash the number of calories and fat levels in commonly eaten foods in response to peak in obesity figures. The bid to encourage healthier frying techniques comes as Public Health England plans to work with food producers and retailers, which the government hopes will see changes in action as early as the start of next year, are tipped to push for reduced portion sizes and healthier ingredients used in production.

Tried and Tested: Fripura

Andrew Scott, April 2017

Andrew Scott

Have you ever had that thought “Cor I wish I’d have thought of that”. Well that’s exactly what I was thinking when I was briefed on the next tried and tested for chef magazine. It felt like I’d just been sat in one of the Dragons Den chairs listening to some crazy inventor about how he was going to extend the life of my deep fat fryer oil by nearly double its life!

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